The Launch

The Launch

On Sunday afternoon we had the official launch for my world record challenge at the Lake View. It was great that so many people stopped by to have a chat. The launch was important to get people together and to connect with one another. It didn’t have to be huge or fancy, the point was just to get everyone together. And it was great to see everyone there laughing and sharing stories. The launch was also to show that this challenge is a team event. Its not so much about me as an individual beating a world record; its about all of us working together, being on the same journey and achieving the same result.

Mick with partner Lyndel Quinlan at the Lake View Launch

The idea of a launch began with some of Lyndel’s friends asking when the launch would be. We realised we needed to have some kind of official launch to communicate that what we were doing was something big and of significance. It was important to say thank you to those people who have already helped out. Its been a 12 month process already, to get to where we are now. And I haven’t even taken one single step yet. It was also a time to get more people involved; to get people along for the ride and partake in the journey. People need to see that we are all capable of doing big things, whatever that means to each individual. We want people not only to support, to donate, and be involved, but also to be part of the story and maybe experience their own positive change. If this story can assist one person to say, “I can give that a crack,” then we have achieved already.

The launch was also important to create an awareness for the four charities – Berry Street, RU OK?, River’s Gift and JDRF. Each of these charities have a common thread; to create positive change through action. We all think about doing good thing, but you have to take the steps. Take action.

I am feeling excited about starting the challenge – its always been a life long dream to break a world record! I also feel excited because it gives me the opportunity to create awareness and discussion about how mental health can be dealt with through simple things such as exercise. I want to be the proof in the pudding to show that this link is true; if you move your mental health will improve.

My training so far has gone well except that I was held up a bit from Down Under 135 because I rolled my ankle badly. My training since then has been minimal, but it could be a blessing in disguise because I train hard. This has forced me to put the shackles on and to ease into it a bit. This is Race 1 and its about completion, not about winning. I’ll be going into the race to do my best but not to worry about the place I come. For me, completion is winning. My nutrition has been as good as I can get it and I’m in a good, happy head space ready for the journey ahead.

I want to thank everyone who has been involved so far. In particular, my family and my partner, Lyndel. Its so important that you have family and friends on board. You always need a team to help you achieve things.

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