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 Who is Mick?

Mick Marshall is just an everyday bloke looking to do something big to raise money and awareness for his chosen charities. But most of all, Mick wants to make positive change and show others that we can all make small changes in our life for improvement. He is also advocating of the importance of having good mental health. In his own words Mick is, “just a normal bloke, just having a go.”

Mick’s partner Lyndel says, “Mick has made a lot of sacrifices to get to this point. Its been a lot of planning and negotiating as well and Mick is so humble about what he is doing. We would be so grateful if everyone could start telling people so that they know what Mick is doing and why. For the sake of the amazing charities, please share the story so we can raise as much money as we can.”

What’s the World Record All About?

Mick will be endeavouring to achieve a new World Record for the Guinness Book of Records for completing the most amount desert marathons in one year. Currently, the world record for an individual stands at 6 desert runs in one year. Mick is looking to smash that and do 8.

The Races

The events that Mick will complete are:

RACE 1 – Big Red Run in the Simpson Desert, covering 150km starting 27th June and completed over 6 days.

RACE 2 – Peru 8Mil Desert Challenge, through the Paracas Desert covering 104km, starting 20th July and completed over 2 days.

RACE 3 – Run Larapinta through the Simpson Desert covering 136km, starting 17th August and completed over 4 days.

RACE 4 – Ultra-Mirage El Djerid, through the Sahara Desert covering 100km, starting 28th September and completed over 3 days.

Race 5 – Oman Desert Marathon, through Oman Desert covering 165km, starting 16th November and completed over 6 days.

RACE 6 – Run the Rann, through the Rann Desert, India covering 161km, starting 2nd Feb 2019 and completed over 4 days.

RACE 7 – Zion Ultra, through the Utah Desert, USA, covering 100km, starting 18th April, 2019 and completed over 3 days.

RACE 8 – The Track Australia, through the Simpson Desert, covering 520km, starting 15th May 2019 and completed over 10 days.

The Charities

Berry Street, RU OK?, Rivers Gift & JDRF

Mick has chosen to raise money for four different charities although they all have the common thread of making positive change in the lives of those they help. Mick has a connection with these charities in which all of them have all assisted him in some way though out his life.

What Can You Do?

There are heaps of ways you can help Mick achieve his goal.

  1. Share Mick’s posts on social media to help spread the word.
  2. Donate via the link on his website
  3. Participate in exercise and get involved in your local community to improve your mental health and to connect with others.
  4. Ask someone you know if they need a hand and help them make positive change.


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