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How we got here

Running4change was born from a simple message that we are all capable of positive CHANGE and brought to life by one-time tradie turned Therapeutic carer and Adventure runner Mick Marshall by taking on a most grueling World Record.

Mick has always enjoyed running for great causes and has partnered up with BERRY STREET – Victoria’s Largest independent child and family welfare organization which helps to create POSITIVE CHANGE in the lives of Victorian children and families affected by trauma, abuse, and neglect. He will be raising funds, lifting the profile and building further awareness of the extraordinary work Berry Street does with Victorian Families. Mick will also be supporting 3 other charities, RU OK?, River’s Gift and JDRF (please see charities) in various ways throughout this campaign.  

We all know the positive effects that moving (exercise, walk, run, taking that first step) has on our mental health and general wellbeing and when we start challenging our own so-called limits and begin connecting with others, this becomes the perfect recipe for positive change to begin.

A born and bred country boy from Ballarat in Western Victoria. Mick is well known for his easy-going nature who has always enjoyed a challenge and has picked a doozy to open the gates on mental health, create discussion and for us all to understand that it is NEVER too late to make the decision to have a crack and start taking action.  

Mick has become a fairly competent runner since getting brave enough to step into something rather new for him at age 42. It was a step well worth it as he quickly figured out it wasn’t so much the running or the results that gave him more energy and joy it was the people he was meeting, laughing, crying, connecting and having a go with that made him feel good. This led Mick to where he found his place and passion in the adventure running scene. 









Over the course of one year, Mick will attempt a Guinness Book of World Record for Most Desert Races Ran in a single Year.

Mick will be taking on 8 gruelling ultra-marathons all of different disciplines, multi-days, self-supported and nonstop point to point, which makes this even harder for the body to adapt to. For most, it is a dream to complete one of these events in a lifetime. The itinerary is brutal covering 1,436km of some of the most uninhabitable terrain in the world. These countries include the deserts of Peru, Oman, Africa, India, the US and of course Australia. With distances ranging between 100 km and 520 km, Mick will face the hottest, windiest, and driest conditions imaginable as he takes one step at a time (approx. 1,436,000 steps) to complete this world record.

We invite everyone to be part of this amazing challenge and follow this journey for us all to be inspired towards POSITIVE CHANGE.